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Anyone can show you something you don’t know, but is it useful?
Agatha Christie wrote her extraordinary mystery novels by starting with the ending and working backwards. There is great wisdom in that approach.

Starting with your goals allows us to work backward to help you pick up the kinds of skills and knowledge you need to reach your own personal goals, express your unique musical style, and tap into things that keep you excited and coming back for more.

Besides a custom program, there are established ones based on popular themes of style, skills, and content.
  1. Great Basslines Major
  2. Great Basslines Minor
  3. Rock Bass
  4. Walking Bass
  5. Blues Bass
  6. Bass Essentials
  7. Improvisational Styles
  1. Great Lesson Songs
  2. Great Guitar Solos
  3. Power Chord Rock
  4. Blues Rhythms
  5. Acoustic Ballads
  6. Classic Licks and Riffs
  7. Strumming styles
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