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Is really playing a far off dream? 

If you’re like most guitar enthusiasts you cannot sit around all day playing guitar. You surf the web looking for videos featuring your favorite artists and songs. Yet most times, the instruction has parts you don’t understand or cannot keep up with. You wind up with bits and pieces. You want to take off and play but you are "stopping" and "starting". Really playing seems a far off dream.
Even if you’ve had some instruction, and you’ve learned exercises, chords, strums and notes, how close is it to your target goals? Would you like to play anytime with anyone but music seems like a puzzle with certain pieces missing?
Missing pieces results from instruction with no substantial format or structure. Consider the “structure” in the word “instruction”. A good structure is different for every person. A great teacher can strike the perfect balance between the knowledge you need to succeed and the new and exciting material you want to master.

Designed with instruction in mind
Lessons at Lorilei’s Rock are:

  1. Targeted not random, so you meet goals quickly
  2. Gradated into levels, so you can perform them in a reasonable time
  3. Refined and focused, so you avoid the pitfalls of bad learning styles
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