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Playing guitar without the right knowledge can feel like being mired in a stagnant pond.
Ever wonder how some guitar players can just pick up their instrument and play to any background and create something fresh and fluid, while others always repeat the same patterns over and over? Well the versatile guitarists know things like which scales to choose for each style, how to move between keys with both guitar solos and chords, and when to use special techniques and skills to enhance the piece. Basically they have a well rounded understanding of the essential areas of musical knowledge. I call these the 4 pillars of knowledge.

Great bass players create those memorable basslines that shape and define the music by knowing things like how to play to drums, when to keep it simple, when to walk, and which modes to choose when they do decide to stretch out a bit on the fretboard. Mouse over the four pillars of knowledge to view the topics of study that make talented people into amazing players.

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