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For new students there is always a special rate. The new student rate is a great way to jump start your learning while saving money.

The start up pricing is:
$25 for 30 minutes with the option to extend the session
$5 adds 15 minutes up to 1 hour
$30 for 45 minutes
$35 for 60 minutes
After the month is up you can choose a Weekly, Tri-Monthly or Workshop. For students who have broader more serious goals these learning "cycles" give you better prices and the right amount of lesson time.

The weekly cycle works best for those who are able to practice frequently for short periods and benefit from regular reinforcement and encouragement. These students enjoy feeling the excitement of continually experiencing new growth and skills on the guitar each week.
The tri-monthly cycle works best for student that have serious goals but must have a little flexibility in practice and lesson schedules. For these people, the 1 week off a month prevents the constant reschedules and missed lessons that would otherwise occur with a weekly schedule that is not right for them. With this cycle, these students see they are able to stay with their guitar which in turn, builds their confidence in their ability to become impressive players.
The workshop is designed for students who have the passion and desire to play but limited "homework" time. The workshop makes your dream of playing "someday" a reality today. Workshop is structured so that all the learning and homework is accomplished in one session. Rather than guitar "passing them by", students who choose workshop become great guitarists as time passes by.
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